Jack Russell

Does Anyone Know of a Jack Russell Breeder in or Around Glasgow?

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Looking to buy a Jack Russell and struggling to find a registered breeder. Does anyone know of any breeders or registered kennels who sell them?

Many Thanks icon smile Does anyone know of a Jack Russell Breeder in or around Glasgow?
Thank you for your answer Gertrude. I did have a look into re homing a Jack Russell but i decided against it. I’d prefer a pup due to having a dog and 2 cats already at home. I think it would it would make for an easier integration if the dog was younger.

Yay I have two who are four years old now!

I got mine from Cornwall but did a quick Google search for you;


Hope this helps and good luck!

What Percentage of Chihuahua and Jack Russell Is My Puppy?

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

His mum is full pedigree chihuahua and his dad is 3/4 chihuahua and 1/4 Jack Russell.

The way that DNA works, your dog could have anywhere from 0-50% of its genetic material from the Jack Russell. The dad’s mongrel parent inherited half of its genes from each of its parents, then randomly passed on some combination of them to your pup’s father – that is, the father could be 50% Jack Russell or 0% Jack Russell depending on the "roll of the dice", if the dad actually got 50% of their DNA from the Jack Russell ancestor, it similarly could have passed that on and given your pup 50% of its DNA from the Jack Russell. Or 0%. Or anything in between.

It’s a mongrel dog, so regardless of "percentage" it will be unpredictable in type, temperament, and health and should be altered (along with its dad and probably mom) to prevent further overpopulation of unpredictable, mongrel dogs.

How Can I Stop My 9 Month Jack Russell Bitch Attacking My 6 Month Old Whippet Collie Cross Bith?My 6?

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

We have 9 month Jack Russell bitch and a 6 month old whippet collie cross bitch. In the last 4 weeks the Jack Russell has started to attack the the other younger puppy. It is not all the time, but when she does she is very nasty. The Jack Russell has had a season (She came on heat sooner than expected). They got along fine until recently. The younger bitch does not fight back but submits.I remove the Jack Russell and separate her in another room and ignore her. It seems to work until the next time. She shows no aggression to other dogs of either sex. Any suggestions as I do not want to rehome either puppy.They both will be spade at the end of March due to cost.
Today we had a better day. The JRT tried again only once today, but I pulled her off by her scruff, shook her a little (not hard) while telling her no very strongly. She let go straight away and looked very shocked.She walked away and it’s been peaceful ever since.. I met an experienced dog trainer while walking today and she said it looks like the JRT may have a phantom pregnancy, so we are taking her to the vets to be checked. I have never experienced this before as we have always had more than 1 female at a time and never had any trouble (have had german sheperds, rottweillers, bouviers, bullbull cross and maltese all females and no fighting or aggression to each other). I am hoping that spaying and training will help to relieve the situation. In fact the two of them are curled up together asleep right now!

Hi, I have two Jack Russell Terriers, a male and a female, four years old. They play and to anyone who doesn’t know my dogs it can look like actual fighting. As long as there’s no high pitched squeal the that’s fine.

Ruling that out, it seems like dominance to me. The whippet may be coming into season or the JRT might just be assering herself as leader. sort of like how some teenaged girls think they are superior if they get their periods sooner.

Also, you should not spay until three months after the first season.

I could be wrong.

Hope this helps and good luck.

EDIT; I’m pretty sure there are some homes with two close in age females that do not rehome them.

Some online breed descriptions say do not leave two JRT’S of any sex or age alone together for any length of time. That is bull as mine have been together all their lives and are absouloutly fine. they share a bed.

How Big Does Jack Russell Miniature Schnauzer Mix Get?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

I’m thinking about getting a jack russell miniature schnauzer mix and I was wondering what is the average size when is full grown. I’m seeking a small breed dog, nothing more than 10lbs. Thank you!

I have a jack russell maltese mix and he is 24 lbs. I assume a jack russell miniature schnauzer mix would be similar in weight.
A miniature schnauzer’s weight is usually around 15 lbs and a jack russell’s weight is usually around 14-18 lbs.
Sorry but your choice of breed won’t be under 10 lbs.

How Much Puppy Formula Should I Feed a 2 Week Old Jack Russell Puppy?

Monday, January 14th, 2013

I am babysitting a friends jack russell pup for the night. She left me with his bottle and formula but didn’t tell me how much he needs to eat or how many hours to wait in between feedings. His mother died during c-section from the vet giving her too much meds to try and induce her labor and he is the only puppy that survived birth, any answers would be helpful, thanks!

If your friend left you with a 2 week old puppy and no instructions then she’s not a very responsible pet owner. You should look on a vet-based website or call the local SPCA or Humane Society for advice (since they’re less likely to charge you than a vet). And you should tell your friend to include better instructions in the future, it would be terrible if that puppy got sick or went hungry because she didn’t inform of some special circumstance that needs to be considered.

How to Go About Littler Training a Jack Russell?

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

We are think about getting a Jack Russell Puppy around 5 months old. We barley travel at all but once a year or so we go away for the weekend and want to litter train the dog just in case. What i want to know is can you litter train a Jack Russel that is already 5 months old? and the best way to do it will be. Hope you can send some helpful facts on what to do. Thanks

first of all i would assume a 5 month old puppy is already housebroken so trying to re-train it to go in the house is one of the most ridiculous things i have heard, especially for the reason you have provided … you do not leave dogs unattended for a weekend whether you "barley" travel or not … by you posting this question tells me you do not have a single clue about this breed of dog … i would suggest some research, there is even a book called jack russells for dummies … i would say do not get the dog as clearly from this question, you and your family are not ready and do not understand what owning a dog means … educate yourself and your family and then discuss a more appropriate breed … jacks are super smart dogs and will take over novice owners very quickly, even a 5 month old pup

What Rarer to Have a Jack Russell/doberman Mix or a Manchester Terrier Mix?

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

I got shelter dog and the shelter said it was a jack russell/Dobie mix. But I was suspicious about it. I think I have Manchester terrier mix.

If it’s a shelter dog it could be just about anything. It’s not a matter of what’s "rarer" to have. A lot of shelters just kind of guess what breed/mix their dogs are. They may call it a Jack Russell/doberman mix but it could easily be something else, you’re right. But asking about it in terms of rarity isn’t really going to help you. A mix could be the rarest one in the world and still end up in a particular shelter.

How Much Exercise Do Jack Russell Need Daily and Do They Shed Alot?

Friday, January 11th, 2013

My Cousin has a Jack russell and wants me to get one and I want a short or smooth hair JRT

I have 2 JR’s and they are fantastic little dogs.

If you are someone who is always on the go and has lots of energy (like me) then a jack russell would suit you. You have to be prepared to play with and exercise them alot during the day and most evenings if they are not worn out enough. Make sure they have lots of toys to play with while you aren’t there and things like a Kong and treat balls keep them occupied.

One of my JR’s is going on 11 years old now and she is slowing down but she still has her hyper moments and boy does she love to chase birds.

The great thing about JR’s is that they don’t have an off button. They are always ready to go whenever you are. Take them with you in the car as well, they love being around their owners.

Yes they do shed alot of hair. I have one that has a thick undercoat and one that doesn’t. They are pretty easy to brush though, the rubber brushes work really well in getting the hair out and you only need to brush about 10 mins a day. You also have to vacuum alot too. The good thing if you get one with straight hair is that it falls off your clothes fairly easily.

I liked the idea of borrowing your cousin’s dog. Do a doggie test drive and see what you think.

What Breed of Dog Would Work Well With a Jack Russell?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

I have a jack russell, Mollie and would love another dog but of a different breed and same sex.. I dont want them fighting and hurting each other. Anyone any suggestions?

Irish Wolfhound. They are the gentlest of giants and would keep your JRT challenged. Most importantly, as long as you are diligent and strategic in your introduction of a new family member, I believe this combination effectively addresses the dominance concern.

In terms of another feisty, intelligent, small dog that could keep up with a JRT and play, you could consider the Border Terrier. Unfortunately you would have to be very careful in choosing another feisty, high-energy breed of similar size: for obvious reasons (aggression and dominance contests).

What Is the Best Brush to Groom a Jack Russell With?

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

My Jack Russell is smooth coated and he sheds A LOT. I just wanted to know what the best brush to groom him with. Any links? He is smooth coated. He hates taking baths. I gave him a bath yesterday and he just rolled in the dirt. I heard that a regular brushing can make a dog’s coat healthy and will take most of the dirt and debris out. Is this true?

Yes, brushing can keep the coat looking good and healthy. I can’t tell you what kind of brush you should get, because I don’t know. My dad does have a smooth coated Jack Russell as well though that sheds a lot (he had to vacuum twice a day!). His vet told him to wet a towel and run it over his whole body. He also hates baths (I’ve never heard a dog scream so loud when water drops hit him the first time I gave him a bath), but will tolerate the wet towel. It really has helped a lot!